I am a born and raised, third-generation San Franciscan. My father owned a bar, my mother was a nurse, and I was the fourth daughter in a family of six girls and two boys. At three weeks old I was diagnosed with whooping cough and was pretty much left to die.  No hope, I was too little, too weak, too whatever. 

My parents left me in the hospital to tend to my three sisters at home and said their last goodbyes. It took me four months, but I made it back home. Perhaps my little baby brain remembers the kindness of the staff that baptized me and nursed me back to health, thus prompting my lifelong commitment to volunteerism.  


Let’s celebrate your good news. You are here and are as unique as snowflakes that fall from the sky – each different from the next – each having a unique and celebrated gives we can contribute to our community.


I love the power of one.  You can choose what is next for you. Today, tomorrow, next week and next year. How will you use the time you have? There is only a limited amount of time we each have here on our beloved planet earth.


One by one we can make an impact.

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Commitment is inspiring! It only takes one person fully committed to creating something positive for a project to succeed... so what does it mean to be fully committed? 

  • Set a clear intention around your vision for the world 

  • Take consistent action in alignment with your vision 

  • Inspire others to contribute to your cause 

I appreciate every opportunity to speak in front of groups. My love for the audience was sparked through witnessing the shift we experience when we collective engage in a topic.  


With every opportunity, I aim to envelop my audience with the expertise I gained as a businesswoman, a mother, a wife, and a humanitarian.

I believe in every human’s ability to make a difference in their live’s and the live’s of others.

Let's get into it. 

Do you remember playing with your friends? Sure, that was a long time ago. For me too. But I remember imagining, exploring, learning with my friends. 

A workshop is a lot like that. Together, we unpack a topic and delve into the learning curve. You'll be challenged to explore and supported when you make a mistake. 

Workshops are a valuable, effective and impactful way to form new awareness, improve skills and discover new tools.

Allow me to work with you and your team. Together we will tap into the team’s strengths and skills. 


When people focus on their strengths and skills to serve others, they grow as a team, creating lasting memories coupled with a  sense of collective purpose. 

This exercise will increase your team’s sense of self, their ability to tap into groupthink, as well as boost their confidence to tackle challenging tasks.



Team Trainings


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