We have all heard the quips and quotes that define the work of people.


It's impossible to wrap the work of a person into one motto, but here is mine:


"I love the power of one." 

I believe in it and have the great fortune or misfortune (depending on how full your glass is) of practicing this motto for most of my life. ​

Nancy is a wife, mother, grandmother, and the Executive Director and Founder of 501c3 nonprofit, Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo Inc. 


She is the author of Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo. A Story. A Tool Box, encouraging and outlining how you too can contribute to your community while offering the gifts of dignity and self-worth to all those involved.

We have the opportunity and choice of telling our story and moving forward or living in our story and staying still.


My work is defined by my story, the experiences and the people who have shaped me. Here is a bit about me. 


I am a born and raised, third-generation San Franciscan. My father owned a bar, my mother was a nurse and I was the fourth daughter in a family of six girls and two boys.


At three weeks old I was diagnosed with whooping cough and was pretty much left to die.


“No hope,” they said.​

I was too little, too weak, too whatever. 


My parents left me in the hospital to tend to my three sisters at home and said their last goodbyes. 

It took me four months, but I made it back home. Perhaps my little baby brain remembers the kindness of the staff that baptized me and nursed me back to health, thus prompting my lifelong commitment to volunteerism.  

When my parents shared this story with me, they would laugh. They would laugh at the doctor’s recommendation of moving out of San Francisco into warmer climate across the Golden Gate Bridge, to give me more of a fighting chance to live and to breath in the warmth of sunshine vs. the dampness of fog. 

They would laugh that I almost made it to the sixth-floor ledge of a hospital when I was eight and having my tonsils removed. I vividly remember opening the window, it wasn’t easy, and hoisting my sick little body up to get out, only to be yanked back by a nurse, “just in the nick of time.”


End of story. Almost. 

As an adult, mother, and grandmother, I cannot see the logic, humor, or kindness of their choices. 

I find myself acknowledging how I protected my children and made choices for their best interest, not always mine. ​

And so, I wonder… what will I, what will you -  choose next?  

Today, tomorrow, next week and next year. 

How will you use the time you have? There is only a limited amount of time we each have here on our beloved planet earth. How will you show up in your life and the life of others – your community?  

I suggest utilizing your inspiration, joy, and connection – There are so many ways…

Let’s chat soon. I want to come alongside you and ignite with you the power of you. The power of one. 

Ready to connect? 

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